Tiffany Michelle: Professional Poker Player & TV Performer

“Carla, with people (like me) who have well known careers, it’s rare and difficult to find other people that you want to be around and that make you a better person. There’s so many people out there with ulterior motives. I have learned that I don’t have time for people that don’t make me a better person.” – Tiffany Michelle, Professional Poker Player & TV Performer

Listen to Carla Lundblade’s interview with Tiffany Michelle: Professional Poker Player & TV Performer, at Can’t Read Her Poker Face on Carla Lundblade’s Psyched Up Radio show.

Professional poker player, Tiffany Michelle, has more up her sleeve than a great game of cards – she is a talented performer, fearless competitor, musician, clothing designer, and an inspirational public speaker. A Los Angeles native who grew up performing in theatre and television, Tiffany gained fame on an unexpected stage in 2008 when she broke records at the World Series of Poker Championship Event. She scored a six-figure payday for her 17th place finish out of 6,844 players – the largest field ever conquered by a woman in live poker tournament history.

Then in 2009, Tiffany’s competitive drive landed her on the Emmy Award winning 15th season of The Amazing Race, where she once again defied the odds and toughed it out on a 21-day race around the world as the season’s only all-female team. Tiffany parlayed her poker success into mainstream media and an internationally known career; gracing the cover of magazines, launching her own clothing line, and appearing on shows like LA Ink, World Series of Blackjack and most recently, learning how to cook from Bobby Flay on the Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America. As an actress, Tiffany has also been seen on: ER, Days of Our lives, Nip/Tuck, DeVanity and more! She is currently ranked in Poker’s Top 10 Female Money Earners of All Time, under the age of 30 and was recently named in Maxim’s Top 20 Hottest Celebrity Poker Players.

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