Rick Hearst: Multiple Emmy Award Winning Actor

“You are providing a great service for folks! You’re a therapist and you understand. There’s going to be negativity and life isn’t going to change around you. It’s really about how you perceive it and what you surround yourself with.” – Rick Hearst, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Actor

Listen to Carla Lundblade’s interview with Rick Hearst, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Actor, at Multiple Emmy Award Winner Rick Hearst: Faith Family Finance on Carla Lundblade’s Psyched Up Radio show.

Rick Hearst, or Rick Herbst as he is known to close friends, family and business partners, is a man of many passions. As a successful television and film actor, having developed an impressive 27 year career, his most notable accomplishments have been associated with the daytime television industry. Having created multiple roles and earning multiple Emmy Awards, Rick Hearst has achieved a level of success that many may dream of and few if any ever get to experience.

Rick has also become a successful independent business owner, networker and entrepreneur in the home based business industry creating thousands of success stories. Having experienced times of prosperity as well as times of struggle, Rick has learned that the key to creating success has been in an unwavering work ethic and ability to adapt to the changing tides of economic challenge.

Where the stereotypical life of an actor is entrenched in parties and revolving relationships, Hearst has been married for 22 years to his wife Donna, ex-dancer, choreographer and pilates instructor. They have raised 2 sons together, Nicholas (21) and Cameron (17), who are currently studying and pursuing careers in the entertainment industry as well. As a son of an Italian immigrant mother and a Brooklyn born father, Mr. Hearst credits his successes to the unconditional love and support his parents gave him to pursue his dreams and passions. Above all things, “family” is the driving force in his life.

Nothing has been achieved through “luck” or “hand-outs.” Whatever success he has achieved has been through hard work, perseverance and a high level of discipline. Hearst has been able to take the principles that he applies to his work on camera to each new venture that he undertakes.

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