Mental Mistakes You Make At The Gym

You’ve made a commitment to workout 3-4 days a week. You’ve set goals, you’re eating vegetables, but you’re not seeing results. Don’t blame your body. Your mind could be the problem. Preparing your body is important and that means wearing the proper sneakers and latest workout gear. Preparing your mind is a little harder to break those bad mental habits. That’s why we went to Carla Lundblade, a licensed clinical therapist, who works with some of the country’s top professional sports stars and celebrities at her practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

Here are the 5 mental challenges Lundblade says most women face:

Feeling fragile/low self confidence: “A problem that has everything to do with mental skills training and requires regular positive reinforcement coaching.”

Fear of failure/loss of social approval: “Women are highly affected by what other people think of them and their performance. I’ve seen women quit due to the fear, it’s a travesty.”

High expectations: “Putting too high an expectation on themselves and not achieving their own goals is another reason women have low self-esteem. A small hiccup can plague a whole workout and training program. When we have a bad experience a mental block is developed. We can train the brain to associate the right image to overcome this.”

Perfectionism: “No one is perfect and having the ability to move forward and reframe failure is critical. Most top sports achievers will tell you their performance is either ‘perfect’ or ‘awful’ there is no in between. Women need coaching or a group of friends to help them deal with failure and repackage it to their benefit.”

Trust: “This is more to do with not trusting themselves or others. The reason may be down to what they are doing during their time off that no one knows about, which will overflow into their performance. They may be feeling stressed and to relieve that stress will go out partying. Alcohol and drug use is a common way to relieve stress; however, a woman then becomes preoccupied worrying about how this will affect her workout motivation. It causes a breach of trust within themselves thus lowering self-confidence.”

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