Kyle Singler: NBA Detroit Pistons

“Carla, no one’s really sat down with (NBA players) and talked about how to make smart decisions and not get involved too early in stuff. Just being aware and talking about it is pretty important and if they get an educational background, it will help in the long run.” – Kyle Singler, NBA Detroit Pistons

Listen to Carla Lundblade’s interview with Kyle Singler along with siblings Katen & E.J. at The Successful Singler Sibs: Family Is Everything! on Carla Lundblade’s Psyched Up Radio show.

Kyle Singler was born and raised in Medford, Oregon and started his athletic career as a hockey player. Leading both his South Medford High School Panthers and Blue Devil teams to Championships, Kyle also graduated with a Visual Arts major from highly regarded Duke University. In 2011, Kyle was drafted in the second round (number 33 pick) to the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. Following the 2011 NBA lockout, Kyle joined the Euro League’s, Real Madrid basketball team. He will be a rookie on the Piston’s for the 2012-2013 season.

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