Hollywood Life: Carla Talks Celebrity Suicide

August 17th, 2011

Russell Armstrong’s Sister Speaks Out: Russell Told Me He’d Never Commit Suicide — It’s A Terrible Thing For A Parent To Do To A Child

Russell’s sister Laurie Kelsoe tells HollyBaby.com exclusively that he would never even consider committing suicide and that she is completely devastated by his death.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Russell Armstrong‘s shocking suicide on August 15 came as an even bigger shock to his family, who insist he would NEVER do something like this to his kids. His sister Laurie Kelsoe tells HollyBaby.com exclusively that Russell, oddly enough, shared his thoughts on suicide and told her “it was not an option.”

“None of us can believe that Russell would kill himself, we even talked about suicide in the past,” Laurie tells HollyBaby.com of her 47-year-old brother. “He said it was not an option, that a parent should never do that to a child.”

Russell’s estranged wife, Real Houswife Taylor Armstrong, 40, filed for divorce on July 15, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple have a 5-year-old daughter Kennedy and he has two sons, aged 11 and 13, from a previous marriage.

The fact that Russell would go against his values and do something he didn’t believe in means that his depression worsened over time, Beverly Hills Clinical Therapist And Sports Psychology Counselor Carla Lundblade explains to HollyBaby.com.

“Many times, life becomes lonelier as time goes on and the vices used earlier to cope can end in tragedy,” Lundblade, who is also an expert in suicide, explains. “The pressures of being instantenously thrust into the limelight are really significant and emotional choices can change.”

Lundblade adds that Russell’s instant fame might have led to his tragic decision, saying that some individuals get caught up in the negatives that come along with celebrity and lose their sense of self-worth.

“The thing that I find interesting is that the family had this conversation,” Lundblade explains. “It’s a red flag automatically. Talking about it means you’re thinking about it.”

Suicidal thoughts are temporary stops in a person’s life, Lundblade adds, so when suicide is talked about within a family, individuals should take advantage of it and use it as “an educational and cathartic process.”

Those close to Russell caught him at one of those times and sadly he made a heartbreaking choice. Our hearts go out to his family.

–Leigh Blickley, reporting by Sandra Clark

Courtesy hollybaby.com

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