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“Carla, I Really Appreciate The Things You Sent Me At The Olympics. I Was Really Having A Bad Time. You Definitely Helped Me Out!” – Manteo Mitchell, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Sprinter With Broken Leg
“Carla, Just Being Aware And Talking About Making Smart Decisions Is Important. If NBA Players Get An Educational Background, It Will Help.” – Kyle Singler, NBA Detroit Pistons
“Carla, How Does A Player Reduce Negativity?” – Dave Stewart, Sports Agent For LA Dodger Matt Kemp, Former MLB Pitcher & World Series Champion
“Carla, Nobody In The World Could Beat Me, But I Sure Could Beat Myself!” – Leigh Steinberg, Super Sports Agent & Attorney
“Carla, You’re Providing A Great Service! You’re A Therapist And You Understand.” – Rick Hearst, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Actor
“Carla, There’s So Many People Out There With Ulterior Motives. I Have Learned I Don’t Have Time For People That Don’t Make Me A Better Person.” – Tiffany Michelle, Professional Poker Player & TV Personality

Who Carla Is…

"Who Carla Is..."

Known as the "911 Celebrity Therapist," I am an Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Entertainment Industry Professionals. I provide full spectrum, multiculturally focused psychology and counseling services. I specialize in sports and performance psychologies and the neuroscience of interpersonal neurobiology as it pertains to career adaptability. Performance psychology is the study of the psychological and mental skills necessary to facilitate and develop peak performance for sports, business, and the performing arts. I teach the importance of understanding brain anatomy and how the brain works to consistently access its maximum output and resiliency. This is tough work implementing knowledge-based scientific research, which creates measurable positive results.

(Photo: Appearance at Hollywood's Musicians Institute, Carla Lundblade, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.C., Hollywood, CA)

What Carla Does…

"What Carla Does..."

My goal is to help you work through issues, focusing on a fulfilled, emotionally happy and balanced career & life. My specialties are:

Sports Performance, Confidence, Focus & Anxiety Issues

Sports & Entertainment Career Counseling

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Self-Esteem Building, Young Adults & Children

Family Relationship Issues

Marriage & Divorce Counseling

Step Parent & Step Children Counseling

Non Medical Body Image & Weight Management Counseling

Real Life Fertility Counseling & Support

Who Carla Helps…

"Who Carla Helps..."

I provide clinical therapy for top performers, leaders of industry and gifted individuals who yearn to utilize the most modern, up-to-date MRI brain imagery research and evidenced-based psychological techniques to improve peak performance, become self-actualized and attain their fullest potentials. This is accomplished by learning to train for success and freeing oneself from mental blocks (internally created) and counterproductive influences (externally created). I help those who are interested in developing their talents to top levels of performance through mental skills training and who understand the benefits of overcoming inevitable set backs. Individuals, who do not focus on acquiring mental skills or believe brain training is unimportant, are the most competitively disadvantaged and lose opportunities to those more capably trained.

(Photo: LA Dodger Center Fielder Matt Kemp & Carla Lundblade, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.C., AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA)

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Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Entertainment Industry Professionals
9903 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 331
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Telephone: 310.993.0011

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